Frequently asked questions

Q:What do we get for a with FGH's service?  -

A: You get a marked up set of drawings indicating heights, wall types, and allowances with a supporting excel spreadsheet labelling the colours and quantities accordingly. Furthermore we can migrate all the plans on a singular pdf format and add your logo for your tender submissions and contractual binding purposes to the builder/client 

Q: Can you please send me and example of a measure up so I can understand what I'm getting?

A: We have many previous jobs on hands from all sorts of trades that we can supply at no costs 

Q: How do we know how many plans need to be measure or the cost it will be to measure?

A: The pricing schedule above is based on number of levels or storeys in a building. For example if it is a single storey home, this will be one level aka $110 to measure. If it is a 6 storey unit complex (including basement levels) this will be $660 in total 

Q; Do FGH deduct the windows and door openings in their measure ups?

A: Yes we do. the majority of our clients only request that openings equal to or greater then 4m2 to be deducted from the measurements which we can do at no additional fees

Q: Is FGH registered for GST?

A: No, This is a small business that does not accumulate enough revenue to meet the GST bracket 

Q; What's FGH's payment terms?

A: 7 days payment but this can be altered to 30 day payment systems if a large amounts of plans needs to be measured 

Q: What if i have to get a tender in urgently?

A: FGH can generally adhere to the time frames given to us but if you need plans urgently measured/made priority this can be done at additional fees (All fees to be pre negotiated prior to commence works)

Q; Does FGH apply wastage?

A: No. Due to clients requiring a different amount of wastage on all different trades, we encourage our clients to incorporate in the rates that they apply to our quantities 

Q; What if I need certain areas measured in a specific way?

A: At FGH, we accommodate ALL our measurements specifically to each clients needs. Some our clients require multiple different components, calculations, deductions, and overall formatting and we can generally adhere to all of these requests with no extra expenses